Daria Tuminas

Daria Tuminas

  • Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1984
  • Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Email: darjatum@gmail.com / Skype: darjatum / Telephone: +31685043188 NL


2013- 2017 - part time work at Johan Deumens Gallery, Amsterdam

2011 graduated from Leiden University’s MA program ‘Film and Photographic Studies’ with the thesis questioning narrative in photography. The study was possible due to receiving the Huygens Scholarship.

2011, spring-summer – interning Foam Magazine, Amsterdam.

2002-2010 majoring in Russian literature and folklore at St. Petersburg State University, two degrees, specialist and master, with thesises written on theory of photography: one discussing photo collages made by villagers of the Russian Northern areas; the other investigated on how photography works as a visual material for folklore archives and how the aesthetics of ‘scientific’ photography correlates with the aesthetics of vernacular imagery.


2016, September, taking part in a round table discussion 'A Photographer as a Curator' at FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg. 
 2015, June, taking part in a round table discussion dedicated to the exhibition 'To Be Together', RosPhoto,  St. Petersburg. 
2015, February, public lecture 'What is Photograph/y/ic?' at FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg.
2015, January, public lecture 'What is Photograph/y/ic?' at FotoFactory, Amsterdam.
2014, December, taking part in a round table discussion about the photobook market in Russia at the ‘Day of a Photobook at FotoDepartament’ , St. Petersburg.
2013, July, moderating a public interview with Jana Romanova at the Hermitage, Amsterdam.
2013, April, making a talk ‘Imagine imaginary narrative’ at the Conference Take&Talk, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg.
2012-2013, occasional lectures at the Faculty of Photojournalism and FotoDepartament (both in St. Petersburg).
2011, February, a public interview together with Sarah Carlier. Organized by GUP Magazine and De Brakke Grond.


Project in progress ‘No Tail No Scale’

Featured by


  • 2013, September, Group multimedia ‘Ask You ’ by FotoDepartament’s photographers for the ‘Week of Photography’ organized by RIA, St, Petersburg
  • 2013, January, Photo LA, Los Angeles

Project ‘Ivan and the Moon’

Grants, awards

  • 2014, winner, Surrau Photo Win
  • 2011, winner, Lucie Foundation
  • 2011, honorable mention, Ian Parry Scholarship
  • 2011, finalist, burn magazine grant
  • 2011, finalist, SPA Luceo Images
  • 2010, 1st prize, Viewbook Photostory Competition

Featured by


  • 2013, September-November, Festival Photoquai, Paris
  • 2012, November, Month of Photography, Bratislava
  • 2012, October, Fotovisa, Krasnodar
  • 2012, April, FotoFest, Houston
  • 2012, March-April, Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • 2011, August, Getty Images Gallery, London
  • 2011, July, Screenings of Festival Voies Off Arles
  • 2011, July, Flacon design-zavod, Moscow
  • 2011, June, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg
  • 2011, May, Fotofestiwal, Łódź
  • 2011, January-February, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
  • 2010, November, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam


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